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DIY Decorating With Broken China

DIY Decorating With Broken China - This time the architect growing competition, many new houses popping shapes adjust to the desires of consumers who want to have a house as he wishes, we are here Home Design Layout Ideas presents a lot of home designs ranging from interior and exterior, the model of ancient times until today , ok now we will discuss first on DIY Decorating With Broken China we collect information from various sources that are competent in the design of the house, so please refer to:

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goggles or protective glasses and gloves
broken china
tile cutters
wooden heart or other shape (available from shops such as Hobbycraft or Michaels)
paper and pencil
small mixing bowls
tile cement, stirrers and grout
palette knife and disposable cloth

What to do with broken china

1 Wear goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands. Start by snipping square or triangular shapes from your broken china with the tile cutters, looking for particular designs and pretty details - using just the edge of the blades produces the best pieces.
2 Draw around the wooden heart on paper, then arrange the fragments on this, building up a 'crazy paving' pattern and leaving small gaps m between each tile. Choose broken china pieces from the edge of the ceramics for the borders to give a cleaner finish. Play around with the design until you are happy with it.
3 Put your gloves on and. in a small bowl, mix the cement according to the instructions, stirring in water until it is smooth. Spread a layer 2-3mm deep over the wooden heart, depending on the thickness of your broken china mosaics.
4 Transfer the arrangement of broken china pieces from your paper pattern to the heart, then push them into the cement, so the surfaces are level. Leave broken china mosaics to dry for at least two hours. In the meantime, scrape and wipe out the bowl before washing it. putting the leftover
cement in a bin (do not pour down the sink).
5 Again wearing gloves, mix up the grout. Smooth this in between the china pieces, applying more than you need. With a palette knife, remove any excess, then wipe the tiles clean. Once dry. buff to get rid of any marks. As with the cement, do not pour any remaining grout down your sink.
To hang your  broken china mosaics, glue ribbon to the back, or apply two coats of clear varnish
to use it as a coaster. 
Now you have one great craft idea on what to do with broken china. 

so information about DIY Decorating With Broken China hopefully provide benefits to you in building a house, if you will forgive please bookmark or share this link so that more people who know

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